About Us

LH Stationery was set up in 2013 focusing on office stationery. Being a popular office stationery supplier in Malaysia, we are a leading one stop store for office stationery and wholesale centre.

We offer paper, stationery, printer, office equipment, printing and all custom made premium gifts job related to office supply.


We practise family concept business in building our business, more closely to our staffs and also customers. We want to be the no.1 stationery supplier in Malaysia. We created an open concept of business allowing employees to take pride and feel responsible for its success and wellbeing.


We want to make LH Stationery a house brand to Malaysia offices and to be the top stationery supplier. We keep upgrading our customer service and delivery to be a one stop solution provider to all stationery requirements in offices and the best stationery wholesale in Malaysia.


We value and appreciate all our customers support. We want every customer and employee to experience satisfaction in working with us. As top stationery supplier in Malaysia we always conduct business in a manner that sustain development on both sides, to grow in value and honour. We aim to ensure customers satisfaction by providing a one stop solution provider for office stationery.

We wish to thank everyone who has supported us all these time and we promise we will continue to provide our best services and support for all our employees and customers. As we value teamwork and collaboration, we make sure everyone accomplishes goals by utilizing the best ethical values to serve our customers and all our employees.